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Injured workers in Industry have the privilege of relying on the local firm of the California Workers Compensation Lawyers. Our team has extensive experience and has recovered millions in benefits across South California. Your selected work comp lawyer understands that you’re going through a lot of stress and inconvenience, and we’re here to make it way easier for you, as we will:

  • Ensure you’re fully aware and informed about your rights under work comp law 
  • Help you write and file a work comp claim backed up with all the documents
  • Connect you to non-biased medical care and ensure that you get back on your feet
  • Represent your case in all phases of the process, whether it’s negotiating a settlement or appealing a denied claim

No worry is left unanswered

Although it’s one of the smallest cities by the number of residents, Industry is home to over 3000 businesses, with over 60000 employees working here. It’s no wonder accidents happen on a daily basis. When an accident strikes, your best bet is to call an efficient team of workers’ compensation attorneys. We are always at your disposal for all inquiries, as we know how precious it is to have someone by your side in times of hardship. Furthermore, we know that a timely reaction is essential to prevent your injury from causing dramatic consequences. Give us a call today and ensure that you receive the necessary help and compensation you deserve.

Injured at work in Industry? We can help!

There’s no need to be left at the mercy of your employer or the insurance company. If the circumstances of the injury are questioned by them, rely on our workers’ compensation attorney to research and document all details. There’s no need to take accountability for an injury that you haven’t willingly sustained.

When you call your local work comp lawyer in Industry, you can be sure that your case will be litigated in detail. We have represented many injured workers in the same situation, so you can rest assured that your case will be treated with utmost care.

Ample experience with a variety of occupational injuries

It doesn’t matter if you have just strained a muscle or broken a limb, causing a permanent or temporary disability, our work comp attorneys in Industry will work toward helping you receive full compensation and medical benefits you’re entitled to. We accept cases of physical and psychological injuries, so feel free to give us a call when you feel overwhelmed, traumatized, or too anxious to work. We know how severe the effects of working in an unhealthy work environment can be, so our team is fully at your disposal to get you the necessary help.

We have assisted workers in reporting and receiving compensation for the following injuries:

  • Brain & head injuries
  • Neck & back injuries
  • Arm & hand injury
  • Leg & foot injury
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Tendonitis
  • Psychological stress 
  • Exposure to toxic chemicals
  • Burns and electric shocks
  • Entanglement

Lean on experienced disability attorneys in Industry

Delayed claims present one of the strategies insurance companies use to buy time and keep you from the benefits you deserve. Whether a claim is denied or postponed, your workers’ comp attorney will first connect you to a medical professional so that you get a fair assessment and necessary care, and work on filing a comprehensive claim. There are many reasons why you should hire specialized legal counsel in Industry:

  • Comprehensively researched, written, and authorized work comp claim, submitted without delay
  • Immediate and compassionate medical care with the goal to prevent further complications
  • 24/7 support and availability for your inquiries and worries
  • Experience with all aspects of workers’ comp legal processes 
  • Full preparation for court hearings and negotiation with the insurance carrier
  • Dedication to fight for the maximum compensation
  • Full reimbursement for mileage costs when you need to attend meetings in person
  • No legal fees are due if we lose the case, meaning that you have nothing to lose

What is considered to be a permanent disability?

A person is considered totally and permanently disabled if both of the following apply: 

  • They cannot engage in any substantial gainful activity because of a physical or mental condition
  • A physician determines that the condition can be expected to last continuously for at least a year or can have fatal consequences.

Examples include cardiovascular disease, post-traumatic stress disorder, hearing or vision loss, musculoskeletal disorders, and amputations. If these disorders resulted from an injury in the workplace, you should call a workers’ compensation lawyer, whether you work in Industry or elsewhere in California.

How long does temporary total disability last?

Temporary disability in California is limited to 104 weeks within a 5-year period from the date of injury. Keep in mind that this does not affect any permanent disability benefits you may receive under the legal system of California.

How do you respond to a low settlement offer?

When the legal team of your employer or the insurance carrier presents you with a subpar settlement offer that doesn’t cover your medical expenses in full, you should know your rights and take your time to analyze the offer. You will work closely with your work comp attorney to go through the settlement offer, ask the necessary questions, develop a counteroffer, present all the facts, and compose a detailed response in writing.

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