Dependable & Agile Work Comp Lawyers in Santa Ana, CA

Thorough legal guidance during all phases of the claim process

Our team of workers’ compensation lawyers in Santa Ana, CA is dedicated to providing you with the guidance and legal aid you need to get the monetary compensation you deserve. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in all aspects of the workers’ compensation claim process, and we will work tirelessly to help you achieve the best possible outcome. You can rely on us to: 

  • Give you an in-depth overview of the claim process and show that you’re eligible for reimbursement
  • Collect all the documentation and write a detailed report about your occupational accident
  • File a well-written claim with the insurance company so that they won’t deny it easily
  • Assist you in receiving maximum reimbursement for the loss of pay, medical care, disability, and any other expenses you’re entitled to.

We can assist you in many different situations

If you sustained an injury at work in Santa Ana or the neighboring cities and communities, you can count on a team of skilled workers’ compensation attorneys in your vicinity. Insurance companies and businesses are notorious for employing legal teams to mislead you in a variety of ways, and we know how to counter them and win. 

It is crucial to seek legal counsel soon after sustaining an injury at work in order to have the best chance of winning a claim. We will go step by step to ensure you receive the necessary medical and financial compensation you deserve without delays. We have you covered for a variety of scenarios, including

  • Neck and back injuries
  • Hand injuries
  • Foot, ankle, and knee injuries
  • Shoulder and elbow injuries
  • Brain or head injuries
  • Occupational hearing impairment
  • Injuries due to chemical exposure
  • Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Car and motorcycle accidents

Why our workers’ comp attorneys are your first choice

An experienced and dedicated team of workers’ compensation lawyers can make all the difference when filing a claim. We have a successful track record with thousands of won cases, and we know how to deal with insurance companies and their tactics. Our attorneys will be able to guide you through the process from start to finish, ensuring that you receive the compensation you are entitled to. 

At our law firm, our experienced workers’ compensation lawyers can help you if you have been injured in a construction accident or if you are suffering from a permanent or temporary disability. We will guide you through the process, prepare all the necessary paperwork, and document all the details of your accident. Our goal is to get you the best possible outcome. Here are just some of the benefits you can reap when you team up with us: 

  • Free legal consultation on the day you sustained the injury
  • If we don’t win the case, you won’t owe us any fees
  • Immediate medical care for your occupational injury
  • Ample professional experience that spans two decades
  • Full refund for the fuel costs when you attend meetings
  • Working on stress-related cases and emotional injuries as well
  • Filing an appeal if you are not content with the first claim decision
  • Negotiating the best possible settlement on your behalf

Our workers’ comp lawyers in Santa Ana are here to help you win your case

Our workers’ compensation attorneys have the experience, skill, and reputation to help you achieve the best possible outcome in your claim process. We have a firm understanding of California workers’ compensation laws for the past 20 years. What distinguishes us from other law firms in Santa Ana and the vicinity is that we offer a personalized, proactive, and experience-based legal solution for each client. If you have been injured at work, please do not hesitate to call our office and set up a consultation with one of our knowledgeable team members.

What is the process for workers compensation claims in California? 

If you have been injured at work, the first step is to notify your employer as soon as possible. You will then need to file a workers’ compensation claim with your employer or their insurance company. Your employer has a deadline of one day to report your injury to their workers’ compensation insurer. Once they have received notice of your injury, the insurance company has 14 days to accept or deny your claim. If your claim is accepted, you will begin receiving benefits within a few days. If your claim is denied, you have the right to file an appeal.

Before you enter the whole process, it’s best to hire a seasoned workers’ comp attorney who will give you the necessary guidance. 

Who is exempt from workers’ compensation insurance in California? 

In California, most employers are required to have workers’ compensation insurance. It doesn’t matter if you employ a single worker or a team,  part-time or full-time – if you have at least one employee working for you, chances are that you need to be insured. The only exceptions to this rule are businesses with no employees and some religious organizations.

If you notice that your employer doesn’t have the necessary coverage, you should talk with a workers’ compensation lawyer and check your options. 

How long after an injury can you claim compensation?

In general, an employee has one or two years from the date of their injury to file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits. If an employee does not file a claim within this time frame, they may lose their right to receive benefits. However, there are some exceptions to this rule. For example, if an employer fails to report the injury to the workers’ compensation insurance company, the employee may have more time to file a claim. If your symptoms became worse over time, it’s best to see your doctor and consult with a workers’ compensation or disability attorney. 

What is the longest you can be on workers comp? 

In California, workers’ compensation benefits are paid until the injured worker reaches maximum medical improvement (MMI). This is the point at which the injured worker has recovered as much as they are going to and is able to return to work or is released by the doctor to look for new employment. In some cases, an injured worker may be able to receive benefits for life if they are unable to return to work. 

To be on the safe side, consult a local team of workers comp lawyers in Santa Ana, and you’ll know what to expect and how long can you receive the benefits. 

Where can I find the most reputable workers’ compensation and disability attorneys in Santa Ana and the vicinity?

Whether you’re working in the vicinity of MainPlace Mall or elsewhere in Santa Ana it’s important to know your rights as an employee. Laws surrounding work-related accidents can be confusing, so here at the Workers Compensation Attorney Group of Orange County, we make it our priority to keep you well-informed throughout your case. We have a team of experienced lawyers who are ready to fight for you. Besides Santa Ana, we also serve other cities in California, so you can contact us if you’re looking for: 

We have a strong understanding of the workers’ compensation and disability laws in California, and we will work tirelessly to get you the benefits you deserve. Contact us today for a free consultation.