Delayed Cases

How our delayed claims lawyers in Orange County, CA assist you

The California law system states that work-related injuries be reported right away. This means that you need to act quickly and seek financial and medical compensation from the responsible party. If your workers’ compensation case suffers a delay, you should turn to an experienced delayed claims attorney in Orange County, CA for legal advice and assistance.

Failing to report an accident or injury in the workplace immediately, no matter how minor it seems, may result in taxing and costly delays in getting financial and/or medical benefits. 

Why hire our reputable delayed claim attorneys

There are various reasons for not reporting the injury promptly. These include being bewildered about the steps that you need to take, fear of losing your job, and feeling anxious, concerned, or frightened of the aftermath of reporting the personal injury.

Another reason for the delay may be your employer’s or their insurance carrier’s failure to promptly respond to the claim, which consequently results in delays in the workers’ compensation filing process. As this is not in compliance with California workers’ compensation laws, you should seek legal counsel from a qualified delayed claims attorney in Orange County, CA to learn about the procedure for pursuing your legal rights to adequate financial and medical treatment.

Work with committed delayed claims lawyers near you

In case of your workers’ compensation claim getting delayed or reaching any deadlocks, you can count on California Workers’ Compensation Lawyers in Orange County, CA to help you. Our team of seasoned delayed claims attorneys will advise you on the actions that you need to take to obtain the workers’ benefits and will advocate fiercely for your legal rights. We also provide consultations free of charge.


What is a work comp delay?

If a workers’ comp claim is delayed, the worker gets the Notice of Delay in Determining Liability for Workers’ Comp Benefits. The claim adjuster or the employer use this form when they want to perform an investigation before accepting or denying the workers’ compensation claim. If your workers’ comp claim reaches a delay you should consult a devoted delayed claims lawyer near you in Orange County, CA.

How long do most workers’ comp settlements take?

The entire settlement process takes between 12 to 18 months. Sometimes the settlement can be reached within the first six months but that happens in less than 20% of cases. Around 50% of cases are resolved and the claims are finished within a period of 13 to 24 months.

In California, workers’ compensation insurance companies must respond to all claims within 90 days. If your claim isn’t denied within that time frame, it will be presumed accepted. If you need to file a workers’ comp claim, it’s advisable to turn to an experienced delayed claims attorney in Orange County, CA to prevent your claim from being delayed.

What is the longest a personal injury claim delay can take?

Most cases take anywhere from a year to five years to conclude after you hire a reliable delayed claims attorney near you. The resolution of a case can take longer because of how complex the claim is. However, more often than not, the delay is caused by the insurance company.

How can I speed up my delayed claim process?

First, you need to report accurately all the details of your injury and communicate with the insurance adjusters to support and expedite the claim. However, insurance adjusters can use various tactics to delay the process or try to discredit your claim. In other cases, it’s the employer who causes the delay. If the company won’t file the claim, you can file one with a state.

However, before you file the claim, make sure to consult a certified delayed claims attorney in Orange County, CA to help you.

Where to find reliable delayed claims lawyers near me in Orange County, CA?

Worker’s Compensation Attorney Group boasts a team of dedicated and assertive workers’ compensation lawyers who will ensure that your rights are protected. Regardless of whether you require a specialist in denied cases or you need high-quality representation in a medical malpractice liability case our seasoned delayed claims attorneys in Orange County, CA are at your disposal.

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