Dependable Work Comp Lawyers in Mission Viejo

At your service for all workplace injury claims

California Workers’ Compensation Lawyers of Mission Viejo are a team that can help you in all parts of the process, from filing a work comp claim to reaching the best settlement with various insurance carriers in California. The specialized team of workers’ compensation attorneys is here to assist you with: 

  • Accurate information about your rights and guidance through the process
  • Carrying out procedures that ensure your work-related injury is properly documented
  • Mediating with your insurance company, medical provider, and employer
  • Finding adequate medical treatment, and fighting the legal battle until you get the monetary compensation you deserve

Professionals in Mission Viejo are always at your beck and call

Our team is available around the clock and will return your phone calls. Our goal is to assist you with any needs that may arise during the duration of your case. We pride ourselves on our service and decades of experience. We fully understand that your life has been drastically changed as a result of your work injury.

Experienced work comp lawyers will work in your best interest

No matter the extent of your injury, California Workers’ Compensation Lawyers of Mission Viejo have the experience to litigate your case to the full extent of the law and maximize any financial benefits owed to you. We will be happy to represent you in all of the following cases: 

  • Neck & back injuries
  • Concussions and bone injuries
  • Shoulder & elbow injuries
  • Foot, knee & ankle injury
  • Carpal tunnel disease
  • Work-related loss of hearing
  • Permanent or temporary disability
  • Muscle sprains, burns, and cuts
  • Injuries due to chemical exposure
  • Chronic eye strain or injury

Why hire our seasoned work injury attorneys in Mission Viejo 

The most experienced workers comp attorneys and the most competent RSD attorneys in Orange County and Mission Viejo will also put you in the care of doctors who will be advocating for your health and not looking to save the insurance company money.

Quality healthcare is essential to a full recovery and our team in Mission Viejo will do their best to connect you with experienced and qualified physicians in your area.

Work injury attorneys can facilitate & streamline your claim process

Has your case been denied or delayed? If so, California workers’ compensation Lawyers of Mission Viejo has the experience to help get your case appealed and accepted: 

  • Your claim will be elaborately written and submitted within a legal time-frame
  • The team will get you immediate medical treatment even though your case is denied or not authorized for treatment. 
  • All the medical records and other documents about the injury will be with you
  • You will know how to prepare for the hearing and we’ll litigate the case
  • You may also count on us in cases of psychological stress in your workplace
  • We’ll help you navigate and speed up postponed appeal procedures 
  • They will fight for the best settlement with the insurance company
  • You’ll be fully reimbursed for the fuel you’ve spent when attending legal consultations
  • You won’t incur any fees if we don’t win the case and your appeal is rejected

How long can you be on workers comp in California?

When you file a work comp claim in California, you can expect benefits for 104 weeks or 2 years’ worth. However, these 104 weeks of benefits can be further parceled out for 5 years. This can happen if you do not need to use all 104 weeks on consecutive courses of treatment. 

How long does it take to reach a work comp claim settlement? 

When the judge approves your claim, you should expect to see your lump sum in about 30 days. However, in more complex cases, the processing can take up to a year. This is why reaching out to seasoned workers’ compensation attorneys in Mission Viejo is crucial if you wish to receive all the benefits. 

Does workers comp pay for lost wages in California?

Lost income benefits through the workers’ comp system of California will not compensate an injured worker for the full amount. Instead, you can count on about 60 – 67% of your average gross wages.

How can I find seasoned work compensation attorneys in Mission Viejo

Our Mission Viejo workers’ compensation Attorney Our work comp lawyers will be thoroughly committed to litigating your case and getting you the medical and financial benefits you deserve.

Just like our team of seasoned work comp lawyers at Huntington Beach and experienced work disability lawyers in Irvine, your local team will do their best to make sure that you and your family are able to take advantage of all the benefits allowed to you under the California work comp system. 

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