Independent Medical Review


What Is Independent Medical Review (IMR)?

Since July 1. 2013, the workers’ compensation system has been required to use Independent Medical Review to resolve medical treatment disagreement cases more precisely. This way, if an employee is injured, IMR can help determine what kind of recovery one needs, when they will return to work, and the value of compensation benefits.

Meet the Best IMR Attorneys in Orange County

When it first appeared, IMR seemed like a good idea, it was meant to make a lawsuit take less time to process, and at the same time consume fewer resources. Procedure management was confusing for ordinary workers, and in the end, it only made the whole case longer and more aggravated.

Your insurance company likely won’t make things easy, so it is time to strike back. Fortunately, our workers’ compensation lawyers in Orange County are just a phone call away. Our group is familiar with how the IMR process works and is very successful in preserving time and money while getting the job done. With our help, your medical examination and all the necessary documentation will be good and ready for review in no time.

The Process of the Independent Medical Review

The IMR is an alternative option to those who have been denied medical care for an injury. This procedure involves an independent physician’s evaluation to determine if the medical treatment is necessary for the mentioned injury. If the doctor determines that the injury is severe, the workers’ compensation system must pay for the treatment. 

However, employers have a right to object to the medical treatment directed, and file an application requesting a determination on the medical issues in dispute. The final judgment rests in the hands of an independent medical review provider, who will make the determination. Once the decision has been made, the employer is obligated to provide the prescribed treatment or payment.


What Is An Independent Medical Review In Workers' Compensation?

An independent medical examination is helpful to your attorney or insurer, it provides an independent opinion regarding your injury and how to treat it. An Independent medical review can affect deciding on your rehabilitation, and recovery. It can show when is a good time to return to work, as well as your entitlements to compensation.

Who Requires an IME?

An Independent Medical Examination is requested in Orange County when an individual is involved in a personal injury, insurance, or workers’ compensation dispute. An IME can be requested by everyone that is involved in a medical dispute (lawyers, employers, insurance companies). The IME provides objective information that can be used to settle the dispute.

What is an Application For Independent Medical Review?

An independent medical review application is a form used to resolve disputes between healthcare providers and their patients. It is used when a patient and their doctor are unable to reach an agreement over medical treatment. With the independent medical review application, a patient can seek a second opinion from an independent physician to resolve the issue.

What Can I Expect from an IME?

The IME report is a document shared between your physician and your insurer. It provides information and reports that can boost medical care and can be of great help to ensure you get the best care possible.

Where to Find Help With an Independent Medical Review in Orange County, CA?

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