Construction Accidents

Despite precautions, construction accidents still happen

Due to many understandable reasons, construction sites are considered some of the most unsafe places to work at. Although there are general policies that regulate safety at these sites, accidents can happen quickly, and frequently in parts of the site that are not clearly visible or marked as danger zones. In case those accidents result in injury, an experienced Construction Accidents Attorney in Orange County will help the injured worker to get the workers compensation he deserves.

Construction sites are not only precarious for the workers. Construction accidents can strike and jeopardize the safety of the members of the local community in Orange County and beyond as well. Bystanders can be hit by pieces of equipment or debris from the site, or sustain more serious injuries if any part of the site collapses.

Hazards abound on building sites

There are many potential dangers that can cause construction accidents. There is always a chance of sustaining a minor injury that can keep you out of work for a couple of days. Also, there are serious accidents that can lead to temporary or permanent disability. Either way, as an employee at the site, you are entitled to workers compensation, and it’s wise to stay in touch with your lawyer. The most common risks include:

  • Falls from height
  • Tripping & slipping
  • Exposure to airborne hazardous chemicals and microscopic debris
  • Collision incidents
  • Exposure to excessive noise levels
  • Scaffold-related injuries
  • Vibration-related injuries and injuries due to repetitive motion
  • Electrical shocks

Injured construction workers in Orange County can count on experienced attorneys

If you have sustained an injury at a construction site during your regular work day, you have the right to pursue financial compensation. Under the workers’ compensation law in California, you do not have to prove that the accident was the fault of the management or company running the site. By law, you are entitled to be fully compensated for the costs of necessary medical treatment and you can expect to receive some coverage for the lost wages.

If you were injured as a bystander, you might be entitled to file for compensation through a personal injury claim. In any such case, contacting an experienced Orange County Construction Accidents Attorney is crucial to maximizing your claim. Your lawyer will inform you fully about your rights, help you document the details of the accident at the construction site, keep your records safe and organized, and assist you in all phases of the claim process. What’s most important, you will be one step ahead of the insurance company and with better chances of claiming the benefits you are entitled to.

Experienced Construction Accidents Attorney in Orange County


What are the most common construction injuries?

Injured construction workers in Orange County and other parts of the US most frequently report burns, broken bones, brain and head injuries, eye injury and vision impairment, back and spinal cord injuries.

What are the most common risks to construction workers?

Construction workers are faced with many risks that include working at significant heights, collapses of safety equipment, working close to heavy machinery, exposure to high levels of noise, exposure to vibration that can lead to chronic wear on wrists, knees and tendons. Slip and fall injuries are also common.

What is the biggest killer on construction sites?

While some accidents might seem as an obvious culprit for most fatalities, the biggest cause of death among construction workers is asbestos. This is especially the case with employees who are engaged in remodeling and renovation projects that include older buildings where asbestos was frequently used as insulation. Asbestosis is a chronic disease that affects the lungs and can seriously affect your life expectancy. Another hazardous material is silica, which can lead to chronic lung diseases and cancers in different digestive organs.

What makes the matter complicated, you can expect the symptoms to occur many years, even decades after exposure to these materials. This is why it is important to consult an experienced construction accident attorney in Orange County that has already litigated such cases.

How do you ensure safety at a construction site?

The first level of safety is ensuring that the employers follow safety protocols and wear the appropriate protective gear. Secondly, when working on heights, it is important to construct and maintain scaffolding in code. Thirdly, the staff should receive adequate training on topics of health and safety. Danger areas at the site should be clearly marked with signs, flags, and tape. Regular and meticulous inspections, both internal and external are a must.

Finally, there is an importance of keeping the flow of information between the workers and management, and fostering clear and efficient communication. Finally, it’s crucial to know your rights, and to be in contact with ethical legal counsel in case of construction site injury.

Where can I find trustworthy construction accident attorneys in Orange County & the area?

Whether you work in the vicinity of University of California, Irvine or around the Huntington Beach area, California Workers Compensation Lawyers of Orange County are here to act in your best interest. Whether your job at the construction site has caused you to sustain a severe hand injury that will keep you off work for weeks or you have become permanently deaf in one ear due to exposure to high volumes of noise, an experienced lawyer will know what to look for and help you build a strong case, making it hard for the insurance company to deny or delay your claim.

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