Choose reputable disability attorneys in Orange County 

If you feel apprehensive because you’ve suffered from an injury at work, or wonder how much time you will need to recover, rest assured as the Workers’ Compensation Attorney Group is here for you. In case you discover that the injury has caused a disability that reduces your work efficiency, there is no need to feel discouraged as our team of competent disability lawyers is at your disposal. 

Construction accidents can, unfortunately, result in permanent disability and cause a lot of distress, not just for the people who got injured, but also for their families. We understand what kind of hardship our clients are going through, which is why we ensure that they obtain all the benefits that they and their families are entitled to and do our best to help them go through this stressful period in their lives.

Let us navigate you through the disability claims process

People who have become disabled through a work-related injury are entitled to workers’ compensation and Social Security Disability Insurance, known as SSDI. 

However, the method for obtaining compensation may be confusing for eligible users. That is why you will want to have the best disability attorneys near you in Orange County at your side. Our team of attorneys will guide you through the complex process of filing disability claims and assure that you acquire all the benefits and assert your legal rights.

Leave the disability claims in our capable hands

Coping with disability and recovering the benefits can be overwhelming for disabled individuals. There is no need to go through this painful process alone and risk having your claim rejected. Getting assistance from an experienced disability lawyer in Orange County increases the chances of a successful outcome, compared to the success rate of individuals who file their claims independently.

All of the above are good reasons to partner with the Workers’ Compensation Attorney Group and let us advocate for your rights. 

How our attorneys increase your chances of getting compensation benefits

Although disabled individuals may be entitled to Social Security Disability Insurance benefits aside from being eligible for workers’ compensation benefits, about 60% of social security disability claims are declined the first time they are filed. Unfortunately, this is common even for individuals with genuine disabilities and valid claims. 

However, if you have a knowledgeable disability lawyer in Orange County as your ally, you can significantly improve your chances of having your SSDI claim accepted at the onset. In case your disability claim has been rejected, there is no need to worry as a seasoned specialist can help you file an appeal and make your claim legitimate. 

Work with committed disability attorneys near you

Since time is of the essence for people who have been disabled due to a work-related injury or accident, you should act as soon as possible to obtain your legal rights and get maximum benefits. Our dedicated disability lawyers in Orange County will set an appointment with you instantly to ensure that your worker’s compensation and disability case is dealt with with utmost care and in a timely manner.


How does disability work in CA?

You can receive 60 to 70 percent of wages earned 5 to 18 months before your claim start date. You can be paid benefits for a maximum of 52 weeks. Since SSDI is very complex, it is advisable to find a renowned disability lawyer near you to advocate for your rights.

What is considered to be a disability?

According to the law and SSDI program, disability is defined as the inability to engage in any substantial gainful activity because of any medically determinable physical or mental impairment which can be terminal or has lasted or can be expected to last for at least 12 months continuously.

How many months do you have to work to get disability in California?

The number of years that you have to work in order to qualify for disability benefits depends on a person’s age. Typically people need to have worked for 5 years in the previous 10 years to have enough work credits to qualify for SSDI. If you want to be sure that your work credits have been calculated correctly, you should turn to a reliable disability lawyer in Orange County, CA for help.

What are the most approved disabilities?

Arthritis and other musculoskeletal system disabilities are the most commonly approved conditions for social security disability benefits, mainly because they are the most common. To learn more about the eligibility criteria, consult a reputable disability lawyer near you.

Who are the top disability attorneys near me in Orange County, CA?

Worker’s Compensation Attorney Group has a team of devoted disability lawyers in Orange County who will protect your rights and guide you through the complicated process of SSDI. Our seasoned and aggressive workers’ compensation lawyers will advocate for your rights fiercely. We are also at your disposal if your workers’ compensation claim has been denied or if your case has been delayed.

Enjoy the amenities of Huntington Central Park or visit Anaheim Packing District while we work ardently on protecting your rights and ensuring the worker’s benefits that you and your family deserve. We provide free unrestricted consultation via phone, video call, or in person and if you feel more comfortable practicing social distancing you can sign up via DocuSign and we will start cracking your case on the spot!