Hearing Loss

Knowing the Right Hearing Loss Attorneys in Orange County Makes All the Difference

There is a possibility that you can get hurt in your workplace, and an injury in the head or ear can leave you deprived of the sense of hearing. If something like this happens to you at work, contact us right away. Here at California Workers’ Compensation Lawyers in Orange County, we have a dependable team that is ready to protect your rights and help you get the compensation you rightfully deserve.

Common symptoms that can indicate ear damage

Recognizing problems fast enough can help you preserve your health, as well as get quicker compensation. Regular check-ups can help identify early hearing loss. Here are some common symptoms of damage that can help you prevent further deterioration:

  • Speech and other sounds seem muted
  • Phone calls are hard to discern
  • There is a ringing in your ears
  • Hypersensitivity to certain sounds
  • Asking someone to speak more slowly, loudly or clearly
  • Ear pain or irritation
  • Constant dizziness

With Us By Your Side, Maximum Settlement For Your Disability Is Guaranteed

From our point of view, we are all equals, and we deserve the same treatment. So if you experience hearing loss in your workplace due to the loud environment or some kind of accident, do not hesitate to call us and schedule a free initial consultation. We have some of the best lawyers in Orange County that are ready to fight for you. 

Large insurance companies will commonly try to limit or even completely strip you of the medical and insurance benefits you are entitled to, and that’s where we come in. We have recovered millions in benefits in our working span of over two decades, and we stand ready to win for you. We are confident in our team’s skill, and that’s why if we don’t win the case, you are not obliged to pay. Dial 714.481.0338. and have the fair trial you deserve.


What Is The Compensation For Hearing Loss?

It all depends on how much you damaged your hearing in the workplace. Workers’ compensation payments are calculated by taking a profit from your weekly wage loss and multiplying the amount by 52.

What Are The Most Common Workplace Problems Related To Hearing Loss?

The most common is a communication problem. Those with hearing loss can more often experience problems in the workplace, emotionally as well as socially. Hearing-impaired workers have difficulty functioning in socially challenging situations commonly found at work.

How Do You Prove Work-Related Hearing Loss?

If you want to prove that your hearing has been damaged at work you will need to visit your doctor for a medical test. If your doctor can provide documentation that proves your hearing loss is work-related, then you should be able to file a successful claim.

At What Point Does Hearing Loss Become A Disability?

If your hearing loss is greater than 35 decibels in a better-hearing ear, it is considered a disability at work. This incapacity increases with age, the older you get the greater the chance to be affected by severe hearing loss.

Where Can I Hire Trusted Hearing Loss Attorneys Near Me in Orange County, CA?

If a workplace injury occurs, hire a reliable team of attorneys that can help you out. Our team won’t stop until your rights are met. We will ensure you receive immediate medical treatment, and give you a better chance of recovery. Our IMR attorneys can help you get claims determinations for health insurance as quickly as possible. Even if it’s some other kind of injury, if you damage your ankle or sprained a foot, call us today for a free initial consultation. 

With us as your representatives, you can freely enjoy entertaining destinations like Disneyland or Knott’s Berry Farm, knowing full well that you are in safe hands. Reach out to us today, and get the fair judgment of your case that you deserve.