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Workers’ Compensation Attorney Group has a team of specialists who understand the gravity of exposure to stress at work and the negative impact it has on emotional and mental health, as well as the increased stress in everyday life caused by its fast pace. 

Regardless of whether a taxing work environment causes a stress injury at work or you have become the victim of a violent act because you have witnessed it, our committed stress attorneys in Orange County, CA will use their knowledge and vast experience that spans over two decades to help you protect your rights.   

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Due to the fast-moving work environment, people nowadays tend to feel strained both mentally and physically. The constant need to achieve ambitious goals in extremely competitive surroundings leads to working overtime and constant exposure to high levels of stress.

Other factors that contribute to the physical and mental pressure at work are the development of technology and the increased requirements of the digital era which include the need to stay connected at all times. One of the standards of an Independent Medical Review is coping with more workload in a shorter time span. 

Emotional distress can have adverse effects on an individual and cause panic attacks, anxiety disorder, and depression. If you work in Orange County in an apprehensive environment, you should turn to a dependable stress lawyer near you for legal counsel.  

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Working in a stressful environment can take a serious toll on your health, which may make you eligible for medical and financial benefits through the California workers’ compensation system. That’s why you should ask a qualified stress attorney in Huntington Beach in Orange County to help you with claiming your legal rights.

Workers Compensation Attorney Group offers effective legal services and will provide you with free, unrestricted consultation. Another reason why you should opt for us is our “no recovery, no fee” policy, which implies that you won’t have to pay if we don’t win your case.


Can you claim for stress at work?

Yes, you can! California law allows compensation for a broad range of disabilities resulting from emotional and mental distress at work. Psychological stress can cause mental or physical disorders or both, which is why you should consider hiring an experienced stress lawyer near you to assist you.

How do you test for stress?

Stress can have physical and psychological manifestations. When it comes to mental aspects, the most common negative impacts of work-related stress are lack of interest, motivation, and effort at work. Physical manifestations of stress usually involve a lack of energy, and there are various tests that show the stress levels from saliva to blood and treadmill tests.

How do I prove my stress claim?

First of all, you require a diagnosed medical or psychiatric condition that causes a disability and needs treatment. You need to work for your employer for at least 6 months and you need to show that at least 51% of the cause of your diagnosed condition can be attributed to work. If you have been experiencing high levels of stress at work you should turn to a reliable stress attorney in Orange County, CA for help.

How much can I claim for stress at work?

Psychiatric injuries are compensable under California law. However, proving that the injury is caused by stress at work and estimating the worker’s compensation benefits is complex, which is why you should advise a certified stress lawyer in Orange County before you make your claim.

Where can I hire trusted stress attorneys near me in Orange County, CA?

If you experienced stress at work and it had a detrimental impact on your health, you should hire a dependable worker’s compensation lawyer to file a claim. Worker’s Compensation Attorney Group will provide you with the best stress lawyers in Orange County.

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One of the manifestations of work-related stress is having a sense of guilt for not spending enough time with your family. That’s why you should let your hair down at the Aquarium of the Pacific or Disney California Adventure Park and rest assured because our dedicated attorneys are here to protect your rights. We provide free no-obligation consultation via telephone, video call, or in person. If you practice social distancing you can sign up via DocuSign and we will start working on your case immediately!