You’ve made sacrifices for your country and should be treated with honors

If you’re a military official, your doctor may have provided you with treatment. However, this treatment may not have been ideal for your particular condition and may even have had a negative effect on your health. If this has happened to you, it is likely you are the victim of military medical malpractice.

In these situations, you may file a claim against the responsible person. Feres Doctrine and some other actions may create issues and keep you from reporting the case, but this shouldn’t hold you back. In most cases, you should file your claim as soon as possible. You may have caught a disease or suffered damage due to the reckless behavior of your doctors.

Like with most other medical malpractice cases, the cause of military malpractice is the negligence of the doctor. They may have failed to provide the right timing, dosage, check-ups, or prescriptions when treating your physical or mental issues.

If you were exposed to subpar healthcare in your military healthcare center, you’re probably wondering: where can I find a dependable military medical malpractice lawyer near me to help me win my case in Orange County?

Our company is the answer to your troubles. We have the finest legal professionals in the area, who have all the skills and experience to help you file your claim and report your case with the Army Forces Compensation Scheme.

What military medical malpractice claims can you make?

Our professionals have a proven track record of helping customers claim compensation in various parts of the army. We specialize in military medical problems that include:

  • Compartment syndrome
  • Injuries caused by equipment or training
  • Heat damage
  • Transfer of states
  • Damage caused by various discharge methods

A military medical malpractice attorney at our company knows that those working for the Ministry of Defense must abide by the highest healthcare standards in Orange County, and other parts of the country. We’ll help you hold your healthcare provider to these standards.

What do military healthcare professionals do?

These professionals treat patients who suffer from various health problems. They also need to make sure all military personnel are fit for service, so they can carry out the duties assigned by senior officers.

For example, one of the most common responsibilities of these healthcare professionals is monitoring army members with post-traumatic stress disorder. If they determine a soldier suffers from this condition, they can provide the necessary treatment or refer the person to another doctor.

Furthermore, army healthcare specialists should classify diseases and indicate the methods that could help the patient recover. If a military doctor can’t recognize the problems army personnel face, their condition may deteriorate. Left unchecked, various conditions may force senior officers to discharge members from the military. In that case, the affected soldier may be able to sue the provider for breaching their duty. That’s where the services of a practiced military medical malpractice lawyer in Orange County come in.

How do you claim military military malpractice?

If you believe you received inappropriate or insufficient care from a military doctor, you’re not alone. You can reach out to Work Comp – a seasoned firm that specializes in a range of malpractice cases and other work-related injuries in Orange County and beyond. Get in touch with us as soon as possible to make your negligence claim on time.


What is the highest military medical malpractice settlement?

One of the highest settlements of this type took place in 2022. Kait Brazel, the widow of Alfred Brazel, received a multimillion settlement under a 2019 law that allows service members to file a claim against their government.

How long does a military medical negligence claim take to be settled?

The time it takes to settle a military medical negligence claim varies. If the defendant confesses in a simple case, the settlement can be reached in less than a year. Complex, high-value cases can take much longer.

How is military medical malpractice compensation calculated?

Courts use the Veterans Affairs Schedule for Rating Disabilities (VASRD) rating to calculate compensations. It’s the government’s estimate of how much capacity the affected person lost due to malpractice.

What are the most common types of military medical malpractice claims?

Most claims are filed due to the provider’s failure to provide timely tests, administer correct drugs, and prevent infection. If you’re not sure if your particular case falls within this category, reach out to our team and consult with our experts – the initial phone consultations are 100% free of charge.

Where to find dependable military medical malpractice attorneys near me in Orange County, CA?

If you’re looking for reliable military medical malpractice attorneys look no further than our company. We take great pride in representing individuals who have been injured on the job or even became disabled as a result of a work-related injury. We also work with people whose claims have been previously denied or who suffer from psychological or stress-related problems.

We also offer top-quality representation. Let us prepare your case while you enjoy the scenery of Lake Irvine or explore the fauna at Niguel Botanical Preserve. Give us a call today.