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The California Workers’ Compensation Lawyers is the go-to group of highly skilled work comp attorneys who are committed to providing the best possible legal representation for injured workers in Westminster. Our goal is to help our clients get the full benefits they are entitled to under the law, and we have a proven track record of success in doing just that.

You can count on our comprehensive expertise to:

  • Inform you of your employment rights under state law 
  • Help you reclaim your benefits with timely report submissions
  • Document and take note of every detail regarding workplace accidents 
  • Aid you in filing a claim within 24 hours of an injury sustained in the workplace

Our team always has your best interests in mind 

We fully understand the impact a work injury can have on you and your family. Our workers’ compensation attorneys are seasoned professionals dedicated to putting your interests first. At our location in Westminster, you will always be treated with the utmost care and respect as a client.

Assisting injured workers in Westminster recover their benefits

Accidents in the workplace are not uncommon. They can occur anywhere and may have various causes and degrees of severity. Workplace injuries range from minor cuts, burns, and muscular injuries to fatal accidents. Our workers’ compensation lawyer in Westminster is ready to assist you and your family with your case. The injuries that qualify include: 

  • Pain in the neck & back
  • Injuries to the leg (knee, ankle & foot)
  • Head and brain injury
  • Chronic muscle fatigue
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Partial or long-term disability
  • Car or motorcycle accidents
  • Respiratory illness
  • Exposure to toxic chemicals
  • Stress-related disorders

What sets us apart from other workers’ compensation attorneys

There are many law firms out there that will take your money and then string you along, but that’s not how we operate. We believe in honest and open communication with our clients, which is why we offer free consultations. During this meeting, we’ll review your case and let you know what we think the best course of action is. Your work comp lawyer in Westminster will then proceed to do all that is necessary to get the best results and efficiently resolve your case. 

There are several benefits to hiring experts from the beginning of your claim process, including: 

  • You will keep track of legal claim deadlines and submit comprehensive claims.
  • You’ll be referred to non-biased medical providers who can assist you in receiving help.
  • You will be thoroughly prepared with all required documents, statements, and medical records.
  • If your claim is denied, you will be ready for the appeal process.
  • Witnesses will be questioned, and you’ll receive full legal assistance throughout the hearing procedure.
  • We welcome claims of work-related psychological trauma.
  • We will help you with any complicated claims or delayed proceedings.
  • We can negotiate the best settlement with the insurance carrier team
  • When traveling to appointments, you may expect full reimbursement for fuel expenses.
  • If we don’t win your case, you won’t have to pay a dime.

What’s the time frame in which you can file a workers’ compensation claim?

The time limit to file a workers’ compensation claim in California is usually one year from the date of injury. However, there are some exceptions to this rule. For example, under state law, you must notify your supervisor or another person in management of a work-related injury within 30 days after the incident. If you need assistance with filing your claim, our dedicated work comp lawyers can walk you through the entire process. 

What types of work-related injuries qualify for compensation?

There are a variety of work-related injuries that may qualify for compensation, including:

  • Injuries sustained while performing your job duties
  • Injuries suffered due to hazardous conditions at your workplace
  • Injuries sustained due to defective equipment or safety hazards at your workplace
  • Repetitive motion injuries
  • Occupational diseases

If you’ve been injured at work, it’s critical to seek medical attention as soon as possible. You should also notify your employer of the injury and file a workers’ compensation claim. Our experienced workers’ compensation attorney in Westminster can help you navigate the claims process and ensure you receive the benefits you deserve.

What workers’ compensation benefits can I expect?

If your claim is approved, you’re entitled to receive payment for:

  • Your medical expenses related to your on-the-job injury or illness
  • A portion of your lost wages while you’re unable to work
  • Vocational rehabilitation, if necessary

You may also be eligible for benefits if you suffer a permanent disability or disfigurement as a result of your job. In some cases, survivors of workers who are killed on the job may also be eligible for benefits. To learn more about what benefits you may be entitled to, turn to our workers’ compensation attorneys in Westminster for help.

How quickly can I hire reputable workers’ compensation lawyers in Westminster and the nearby areas? 

Our seasoned workers’ compensation attorneys can help you get the benefits you deserve. We have a wealth of experience and knowledge in this area of the law, and can use it to help you get the best possible outcome in your case.

Our network of reliable experts is at your disposal throughout Southern California. Besides Westminster, you can lean on our competent work injury specialists in Tustin and reputable work comp attorneys in Industry and beyond. Your legal reps will make every effort to help you and your family get the most out of California’s workers’ compensation system.

At Westminster, our experienced workers’ compensation lawyers offer complimentary consultations. The first consultation is always free of charge, so you have nothing to lose by getting in touch with us today.