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Put trust in our workers’ compensation attorneys

Our team in Costa Mesa is composed of highly experienced workers’ compensation lawyers who have decades of experience recovering millions of dollars in benefits for their clients. We can help you by

  • Keeping you informed about your rights and benefits under the law
  • Writing an extensive report and keeping all details about the accident in check
  • Setting up emergency doctor’s appointments so that you get the care you deserve
  • Fighting the legal battle on your behalf and negotiating the best settlement with the insurance company

Compassionate specialists in workers’ compensation law 

Our work comp lawyers in Costa Mesa fully understand the frustration you have been going through in dealing with your insurance adjuster and employer. Have you had problems getting returned calls? Have you been put on light duty that has been causing your work injury to hurt even worse? If the answer is yes, then we can help. Our work comp lawyers are as familiar with the law as your employer and the insurance company representing them.  Pick up the phone now and call us for a FREE consultation.

Our specialists in Costa Mesa know all the intricacies of work comp law

Our team understands the financial fears you may be going through. Our workers’ compensation lawyers at the California Workers Compensation Lawyers Anaheim area lawyers have dealt with hundreds of people like you and are here to ease the pain and stress your work injury is causing you. Hand the reins over to the best disability lawyers in Costa Mesa and let us help you get your life back on track.

Our team in Costa Mesa is versed in a number of work injuries

What is your work injury? The reality is it doesn’t matter. While many workers’ compensation attorneys claim to specialize in a certain area, we tend to work with a wide variety of work-related injuries, including: 

  • Brain damage 
  • Limb amputation
  • Herniated spine discs
  • Carpal Tunnel Disease
  • Chronic eye strain
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Concussions and lacerations
  • Soft tissue damage
  • Quadriplegia and paraplegia
  • Repetitive use injuries

Legal professionals in Costa Mesa ensure a streamlined process

Our team in Costa Mesa can get you the medical attention you need while our work comp lawyers get your work injury authorized. Our attorneys know how to successfully navigate even the most difficult workers’ compensation cases and get you the positive result you have the right to. Our team also litigates denied and delayed claims in the California worker’s compensation system Your workers’ compensation attorneys bring you the following advantages: 

  • Fully elaborated claim with a comprehensive folder of medical and financial documentation
  • Prompt medical care, so that you don’t have to wait to claim your insurance
  • Full availability of legal aid and all documents pertaining to the case
  • Detailed preparation for the work comp claim hearings and trial process
  • Litigation in cases of work-related psychological stress and injuries
  • Speeding up any process postponed by your employer or insurance company
  • Determined representation and litigation in case your claim is denied
  • Full refund for the fuel used while attending consultations with our team
  • You won’t owe us any money if we don’t win your case

What can some insurance companies use against you to deny your claim? 

Some insurance companies will use any excuse they can to deny a claim, even if it doesn’t hold up in court. Here are some of the most common excuses: 

  • Lack of documentation: The company may try to say that you didn’t provide enough documentation to prove your case. This is especially common with medical claims, where the company may ask for additional records beyond what you initially submitted. 
  • Pre-existing conditions: The company may try to deny your claim if they allege that your condition was pre-existing and not related to the incident in question. This is a common tactic in health insurance claims, but can also be used in other types of insurance as well. 
  • Not covered by your policy: The company may try to deny your claim if they allege that the incident is not covered by your policy. This can be a valid excuse in some cases, but it’s important to read your policy carefully to make sure that you’re not being misled. 
  • Fraud: The company may try to deny your claim if they allege that you committed fraud. This is a very serious accusation and one that should never be made lightly. If you’re accused of fraud, it’s important to speak to an experienced workers’ compensation attorney as soon as possible. Call your local team in Costa Mesa today!

Can I receive workers’ compensation after a year?

You may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits even if you don’t file a claim right away. In most states, you have up to two years from the date of your injury to file a claim. However, it’s important to note that this is just a general guideline, and there may be exceptions in your state. For example, you may have a shorter or longer window of time to file a claim if you develop an occupational disease. It’s always best to speak to an attorney or your state workers’ compensation board to get specific information about the deadlines in your case. 

How can I reach experienced work comp attorneys in Costa Mesa? 

Whether you get in touch with our detailed and efficient attorney team in San Bernardino or lean on our disability lawyers in Anaheim, you can be sure that your interests are being protected in the best possible way. Call experienced California Workers Compensation Lawyers of Costa Mesa for a FREE initial consultation at 714.481.0338.