Workers Compensation

What is Workers’ Compensation and how does it work?

Workers’ Compensation (Worker’s Comp) is a form of insurance that employers offer to employees who get injured on the job, allowing the injured employee to receive financial and medical benefits. As a trade-off, an employee voluntarily waives their right to sue the employer (or coworkers) for negligence that led to a work-related ailment. Since this type of agreement keeps both sides safe, it is also referred to as a “no-fault” system.

The California Workers’ Comp system is incredibly beneficial after a job-related accident. In the vast majority of cases, it is the only way for an injured worker to receive proper medical benefits and adequate wage replacement.

Therefore, it is crucial to have a knowledgeable Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Orange County as your representative in the case, as they can best explain your rights under the California work comp laws and help you get the best compensation value.

Workers’ Comp Lawyer can help you overcome the difficulties of the process

The vast majority of workers that suffer a job-related injury get intimidated by California’s Workers’ Comp system. Which comes as no surprise as the details of it are convoluted and, often, more than a little confusing. This causes great amounts of stress as the same injured workers are left wondering whether or not they will get the benefits owed to them by law.

What’s worse is that most employers and Work Comp insurance companies representing them are familiar with said laws, while very few workers are. This lack of understanding often leaves workers at the mercy of insurance companies’ aggressive (and often less-than-honest) tactics.

Job-Related Injury Attorney in Orange County will never allow you to be treated like a fraud

Workers’ Compensation fraud is a major issue today. Demanding huge payouts for exaggerated or old injuries almost became a common practice. For these reasons, insurance companies became overly cautious and strict when processing workers’ comp claims. This practice leads to the majority of injured workers being treated with hostility, even in the most obvious cases.
Fortunately, an experienced workers’ compensation attorney from Orange County won’t be intimidated by insurance companies’ aggression. Quite the contrary, they’ll stand their ground while helping you settle your work comp with the best possible outcome.